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Portuguese Language Course

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Portuguese Language Course

Want to learn Portuguese as quickly as possible? The intensive course is dynamic and immersive. Focused on conversation, it's perfect for high-speed and effective Portuguese language learning. In these lessons, we will focus on the four fundamental components of language fluency, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Courses are planned in Eight to Ten weeks segments, but course length can always be adjusted according to our students' availability and needs.

Sewing and Stitching garments course

It's Good For Your Wellbeing to Express Your Individuality. Sewing makes Unique handmade gifts can save you money and also learning to sew can reduce your environmental impact. It Improved hand-eye coordination.

Apply for Portuguese Nationality

Portuguese citizenship accompanies various advantages. These advantages incorporate the option to live and work in Portugal, to concentrate on Portugal, and to live, work, and travel inside Europe also. The Portuguese identification is likewise profoundly positioned, and gives you without visa admittance numerous nations all over the world.

Immigration Related Services

We assist individuals with moving starting with one country then onto the next for study, work, travel or business reasons. Also offer legitimate types of assistance in the space of migration regulation as allowed by regulation. Likewise NIF, NISS and Safe entry all type of paper related work are done by Segunda Vida.

Company Registration

In your business guide you can find information and essential services for starting a business in Portugal. We are mediators based in Lisbon and we propose a wide range of services for local and foreign entrepreneurs.